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Website Design Consultation:

•  We will discuss the nature and purpose of the website
    • Share ideas and concepts, techniques and strategies
    • Establish a format and discover color preferences, text, photos and graphics
    • Create a plan which includes design and technology options
    • Establish an estimate of costs
    • Establish and estimated timeline for completion
    • Answer questions relating to production, hosting and site marketing

Design options: With the material in hand we will prepare design options for your review and approval. We may make suggestions to make your web site more interesting or more interactive or fun, if appropriate! With your approval and a deposit, we start production.

Production: This is the fun part! Creating the web site implementing the approved text, photos and graphics. Generic photos or graphics can be used in many cases to enhance the look of the site if needed. Upon completion, the site is uploaded to a server so you can see how the site actually looks on line. Revisions and alterations are made until you are ready to go "live". Time to complete production may be as litte as 24 hours for simple rush sites, and up to a week or longer for larger and complex sites.

Our goal is to complete your website as quickly and cost effectively as possible.


Domain Name and Hosting:

Domain name: This is your personal identity on the web, (ie: It must be a unique address and not conflict with any other domain names on the web. The domain name search engine on our partner site, i Power will search millions of existing domain names and let you know if the name you have chosen is available. They will also suggest alternate names as well . You may do this yourself by clicking HERE, then click on the i Power banner in the center of the page. Domain name re-registration may be set up annually or on a multi-year basis.. Although registration and renewal costs generally run from $8/yr - $35/yr, this is a FREE service with the preferred i Power 12 month pre-paid hosting plan. Once secured, ownership or your domain name is yours, not GRAPHCOM STUDIOS or i Power.

Hosting: An independent provider to which your web site resides and connects to the world wide web. Our partner, I Power will host web sites at $8.95/month (subject to change) paid with a credit card annually, however, the monthly charge can be as low as $3.95 during special promotions..

Although web sites can be hosted by any hosting company, we recommend I Power because of their dependability, reliability, low cost and 24/7 service. Additional benefits: 1500GB of storage space and bandwith, up to 2.500 email accounts plus browser-based email, shopping cards, a $25 Yahoo search marketing credit and $50 Google AdWords Credit, web statistics, Google Custom Search Engine and much more.

GRAPHCOM STUDIOS can search for domain name availability and will assist with securing hosting.

DISCLOSURE: We are a professional review site that receives compensation from the companies whose products we review. We test each product thoroughly and give high marks to only the very best. We are independently owned and the opinions expressed here are our own.

To get your FREE domain name and activate you hosting plan with iPower, click HERE.


What else do you need to know?

Domain name registration and hosting: see registration and hosting plan providers. Our affiliate, I Power, charges $8.95/mo with a 12 month PRO plan (subject to change), which includes one new domain name registration or transfer of domain name from another registrant. Discount hosting through I Power is available at certain times of the year with first year costs as low as $3.95/mo. Domain name registration and hosting fees are separate from design fees.

• Design Estimate: After a careful review of the production requirements, an inital estimate will be provided. Since each website is custom-designed for your specific needs, that estimate may need to be amended based on the specific alterations in the design process or subject to an hourly rate.

Up to 3 site design options will be provided and a custom estimate will be provided. A design hourly fee will be established based on the complexity of the design for additional options. A very basic 3 page web site may cost as little as $250. Page cost is always based on content, but our average cost for page design is $100 - $150 each for text, photos and graphics.

• Custom programing: This includes specialized forms, database creation and maintenance, shopping carts and merchant accounts are all billed individually.

• Maintenance: Defined as alterations (additions or deletions) requested after the site is initially has gone live. Maintenance costs may   be estimated in advance or billable at $35/half hr or up to $85/hr depending on the complexity of the alterations or subject to custom   programming charges. Minimum charge for any subsequent alteration is $15.

Schedule a no-obligation consultation and get a custom quote today!

Unless other arrangements are made, a 50% deposit is required with approval of the design option selection. The balance is required on completion of the project. Completion is defined as the time when the original material is approved and uploaded to the server.  Additional alterations after the site approval are considered maintenance and will be billed separately.

OWNERSHIP & COPYRIGHT : After payment is made in full, ownership of the website content is yours exclusively. GRAPHCOM STUDIOS and/or Gary Borenstein are not responsible for copyright infringements on any material provided.

WEB SITE MARKETING & SEO : GRAPHCOM STUDIOS will offer options to promote your site; including print options, search engine optimization, email marketing and online advertising.


Additional Services:

GRAPHCOM STUDIOS and its affiliate partners can provide content research, copywriting, photography, art & illustration, as well as custom programming. Costs of these services will be provided separately on demand.


A well-designed and maintained web site can be the most effective and cost-effective way to promote your products and services. Our job is to design a site that is as effective as it is affordable. We use a blend of creative artistry and technical know-how to achieve this goal. Your success is our success. ________________________________

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